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Devices and Microsystems

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  • MEMS

    MEMS devices

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    Clean Room

  • Silicon wafer

    Silicon radiation devices

Devices and Microsystems research area has the infrastructure and the expertise for the design, the development, the packaging and the characterization of a wide variety of innovative devices based on silicon compatible technology (MNF). The area has significant expertise in silicon-based systems for detection of radiation, their application in areas ranging from the analysis of biomedical materials and particle physics (IRIS). With miniaturization of vision systems using standard CMOS technologies, we have been able to develop low-cost systems with very high-performance (IRIS).

The expertise in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MST)  has led to the development of innovative solid-state technologies in the areas of RF switches, passive components and complex reconfigurable RF circuits. Other innovative devices are developed in silicon-based photonics for applications in photovoltaic, in science of life and for data communication (FMPS). Hybrid approaches, combining the silicon technologies with low-cost, flexible and polymeric materials, are also developed to provide custom solutions in the areas of biomedical, agrofood and environmental applications (MST).