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The Centre for materials and microsystems combines scientific excellence with the ability to exploit the results of research through a model of open innovation collaboration in national and international networks of expertise.

The CMM sees its mission as an organization of R&D with a strong connotation of application and for this reason decided to pool their research activities in relation to identified areas of improvement.

The research activities are focused in the field of materials, microsystems, energy and the environment with the objective of providing a practical test and trial of its added value to the market, cultural, and social welfare. The CMM aims to stimulate innovation through the construction of a system of networks involving companies, research institutes, universities, government agencies, and end users.

The CMM has more than two decades of successful experience in collaboration with business companies in the EU and abroad, a portfolio of 18 patents has been generated during past years. FBK-CMM’s long lasting experience of collaboration with Industry is supported by employees and management having had direct experience in the high-tech industry.

More than 40 development and service contracts with private companies and 13 projects with international organizations for an overall annual revenue of 5,1 MEuro contribute to Centre’s budget. More than10 Companies have been spun off as the result of the valorization of CMM’s research activity.