Call for Expression of Interest

16 May 2018

Position of Director, Trento Joint Laboratory for Quantum Science and Technologies

This is a unique opportunity to shape the way the quantum science and technologies research area in the Trentino region will develop in the coming years, given that this field has become an established priority at the European level through the funding of the Quantum Technologies (QT) flagship program.
Q@TN is a joint initiative of the University of Trento (UniTN), the National Research Council (CNR) and the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) aimed at co-ordinating their on-going activities and to start new ones in the field of Quantum Science and Technologies both for research/technological transfer and education/training. Q@TN has the ultimate goals of: (i) developing a common strategy shared by all Trentino actors in the field, (ii) building up a critical mass and (iii) making Trentino emerge as a reference point at European level.
Q@TN will start with an expected budget of approximately 2 Meuro spanning a three-year period. Ph.D students and postdocs will be hired via competitive selections of scientific projects presented by the research teams involved in Q@TN. The activities of the new personnel complement the ones already planned in each team, funded through other sources, and are aimed at developing inter-team research initiatives and consolidating interdisciplinary research along the following lines: fundamental quantum science, quantum communication, quantum computing, quantum simulations, future sensors and metrology.

Closing date
The selection process is expected to end in September 2018

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